On November the 3rd 2007, during the 3rd European banquet of student traditions in Strasbourg, France, has been announced the creation of the «Goliards» project. We are trying, to begin with, to build a platform, using an Internet site, to gather all student associations and their traditions, but also all students who share comradeship spirit.

Goal being to make crossings of different student cultures easier to happen, as the famous ERASMUS program did. As a flagship a legendary icon was proposed.

Who other but Goliards could embody this spirit through ages?
These travelling students enjoyed living, drinking, singing and... even learning sometimes!

But they always kept this true fellowship spirit. In spite of some anachronisms, we chose it as a symbol for those students who think highly of respect, solidarity and friendship, as well as their own inextinguishable thirst for both beers and knowledge, who like friendly meetings and partying.

To sum up, it is a spirit able to go over geographical, linguistic and cultural limits. Practically, the platform we are trying to build, would make it possible for every student or brotherhood blowing in a city, to meet and to be welcomed by their local counterpart, and even invite each other on various occasions.

If Gaudeamus Igitur is the universal student song, our site does have for ambition to become an embodiment of this brotherhood feeling which characterised the Goliards.

We sincerely hope this project is as close to your heart as it is to ours and that you will make us the honor of participating by being numerous to register on our site,


Abelard, Emmanuel VASMAIRE, Commandant RoSWeLL